Sean retired from Broadcasting in 2008 after many years on the air and programming at various #1 radio stations in Philadelphia, New York City and Boston.  Over the years, Sean’s Voice & Image have appeared on numerous local and national commercials.

During Sean’s radio tenure he was able to include a recording artist, songwriter, arranger-producer career with Decca Records, RCA, United Artists, Columbia, & EMI.  Sean was a member of Decca recording artists “The Spokesmen” with nationally charted “The Dawn Of Correction”.  Sean also created the song, “Sadie The Cleaning Lady”, launching the career of one of Australia’s most successful artists, Johnny Farnham.

Sean took a 5-year hiatus in 1990 to serve his country as London & Egypt Managing Director/Radio Coordinator of Allied Forces Psychological Operations during Desert Storm.

In his retirement from radio, Sean continues to manage his commercial real estate properties while finding time to write & produce songs and voice overs for select clients.

Sean Casey aka Ray Gilmore

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